CALL ELSEWHERE is a theatrical audio experience created by Lyto Triantafyllidou, based on the play “ELSEWHERE: a play for an audience of one” by Stav Palti Negev. The play invites audience members to head to a private voyage into the lives of refugees from different times and places. The audience members are invited to call a mysterious phone number using their personal mobile phones, in order to reach “Elsewhere – a calling center for the displaced.” 


At this point, a recorded play begins. They are welcomed by an operating system that informs them that all of the representatives are too busy to take their call at this time. They are asked to hold on the line, and after a few minutes are offered to talk to other people waiting in line. There are 4 extensions for the audience to choose from, and each one leads to a different story. The performance includes 4 stories of Syrian, Sudanese, Venezuelan and Bosnian refugees.

The voices in the recording belong to Ino Badanjak, Alexandra Gellner, Natasha Katerinopoulos, Laith Nakli and Jak Watson. Sound Editing by Evdoxia Ragkou


This project was developed with support from New York Foundation for the Arts and Chashama.

You can experience this performance by calling +1 917-398-2552

This project was originally developed as a performance piece for the exhibition Multiversant, featuring the works of 22 artists from 15 countries and four continents that met through the New York Foundation for the Arts (NYFA) 2018 Immigrant Artist Mentoring Program: Visual & Multidisciplinary Arts, presented at Chashama

Call Elsewhere” was presented at New York Live Arts in Oct 2019, as part of the show case InIBetween, co-curated by Yanira Castro and Martita Abril.

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